The Best Turkey Meatloaf Recipe On The Net

turkey metaloaf

Do you find yourself craving for an authentic meatloaf, just like mom used to make? Then you must visit for the widest collection of meatloaf recipes on the internet, all at one place. Now here we give you a variation of the regular meatloaf recipe that uses turkey as the main ingredient. The result is a highly moist meatloaf that will make your entire family want more. This recipe is a keeper and you are sure to make it a regular part of your weekday dinner plans. Make sure to print out the ingredients and include it in your shopping list so that you do not miss out on any.


Minced Turkey – 500 g

Peeled and finely chopped garlic – 1 teaspoon

Finely chopped Parsley Leaves – 1/3 cup

Finely chopped Bacon rashers – 2

Diced onion – 2

Sweet paprika – 2 teaspoons

Peeled, grated, granny smith apple – 1 medium size

Barbecue sauce – ½ cup


First, pre-heat your oven to 200C. Take a loaf pan of the size, 9cm x 19 cm and grease it with butter. Then take minced turkey, garlic, onion, bacon, paprika, apple, parsley and barbecue sauce in a bowl. Mix it together and combine well. Take the mixture and pour into the greased pan. Press the sauce into the pan and smoothen out the top with the back of a spoon. Bake the meatloaf for around thirty minutes. You can understand that the loaf is cooked when the top begins to brown and the loaf comes away from the sides.

Once the loaf is done, remove the excess liquid from the pan. Make sure not to break the loaf. Spread the remaining sauce on top of the loaf. Serve it with vegetables and chicken gravy.

You can store the cooked meatloaf, covered with a tight plastic wrap in the freezer for up to a month. Thaw overnight and heat it before you serve. Hence this is a great meal that you can prepare ahead of time and impress your guests on the day of the party.


Top Five Lightning Cables In The Market

apple-lightning-stock-1024USB charging cables play a major role in this mobile frenzy times. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or any other devices such as android phones or Bluetooth accessories, lightning cables are required for charging them. There are so many options available online and one might get confused trying to buy a cable that serves the purpose as well as charges the phone without affecting the battery life. Experts at wirecutter have tested many cables that are available in the market to come up with best ones at an affordable price. Below is the list of top picks from in the lightning cable section.

Anker Lightning to USB Cable
This is the most preferred of all cables available in the market. The Anker lightning cable is build using sturdy material and is compatible with most of the protective cases. The quality of the lightning connector plug and affordable price are some of its striking features. In addition to the hardware quality, the cable also charges the devices at a faster rate. One of the reasons this cable stands out in terms of design is the neatly done housing that makes the cable and connector meet. This is one place where most of the cables break and it is minimized in Anker lightning USB cable.

Insignia’s Lightning Cable
If you are looking for a short cable which is mostly used in cars or along with the computer, Insignia’s lightning cable is the perfect choice. It charges the phone at great speed and also has good hardware design considering that this is a short cable.

Aduro’s Extra Long Lightweight Cable
While some people prefer short cables, some would require extra length so they can use their device as it gets charged. Aduro’s cable serves the purpose for people looking for a long cable. It has a cable length of 10’. Surprisingly, the cost of Aduro’s 10’ cable is lesser than that of the standard 3’ cables. It has the same charging speed as that of the other cables. One of the disadvantages of using long cables is that they are pulled more and due to this reason, they have a shorter life span than the standard cables.

Dodocool Lightning/Micro USB Cable
iPhone users sometimes might own additional accessories that have to be charged via micro-USB. Under such circumstances, Dodocool has a single cable that meets all your charging requirements. It is very handy for people who travel and also for people who charge their phones from their desks. Both micro-USB as well as the lightning charger work great. They charge at full speed and the data transfer rate is also good. In addition to the above features, the cable has good hardware build that lasts longer.

Retrak/Emerge Retractable Lightning/Micro USB Cable
Similar to the Dodocool lightning/microUSB cable, retrak’s cable supports both iPhone and iPad as well as the devices that require microUSB for charging. They are great for travel as the cable shrinks in length and is more durable than the average length cables. One of the disadvantages could be the charging speed which is much less compared to the standard length cables. If you are looking for the retraceable feature as your top priority, then Retrak’s cable prove to be the best among all.

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